Expert instructor

Christopher Orth is a veteran game designer, musician and teacher. He has created our rapid prototyping course that has since been taken by over 3,500 students.

You may know his voice from the official Playmaker tutorial series, which has amassed over a million views on YouTube.

Solid pedagogy

Guido Gautsch founded indie game school in 2013 to create a resource for anyone who wanted to learn how to make a game but didn't know where to start.

He has been teaching for over 15 years, with a heavy focus on eLearning for the past 12. Guido is currently creating a VR pirate-themed game.

Happy students

Our students love the course! Not only do they get hours of entertaining and informative lesson content but also feedback on their work and, of course, the ability to ask questions.

Check out some testimonials below


I really got so much out of this course. And it was enjoyable. Amazing! I wish there was more!


I loved the online course. The videos from Christopher were excellent, informative and very well recorded and presented. I look forward to the next set of classes!


Fantastic course and brilliant tutors!! Highly recommended :)


The instructor definitely knows his stuff. He has a comprehensive knowledge of the topics he covers in his lectures


It is clear and prepared, bringing you to the point quite quickly. Humor and love of gaming is in forefront and not the impending doom of having to learn this as quick as possible so I can pay off my student loan.


I tried a lot of lessons and i have learned the most from this one by far. I love it


The course material and production quality are outstanding. While the original course was developed using Unity 4, it is easy to adapt to Unity 5 (only the GUI portion is different between pre-4.6 versions of Unity, but it's so easily modified and easier to use in 4.6 & 5 that it's not an issue). The instructor knows his business and is quite fluent in the delivery and execution of sharing it with his students. And he has no issues with keeping his students engaged as they work along with him throughout the course. While it's the primary reason I took the course, the instructor doesn't just teach you how to use Playmaker in Unity. This course is a complete basic overview in game design and the production of your own (FPS or any other) game. Well WORTH the money and HIGHLY recommended. I look forward to the developers of this course either expanding it to go beyond the basics that it currently covers OR to come out with additional courses covering more advanced applications using Playmaker in Unity. 5-STAR, AAA course!


I started with no experience with Playmaker and almost none with Unity in general (I knew where is what, how to navigate and the GUI, but never did anything meaningful with it). After the course I can say, I feel able to put the elements we were taught (triggers, pick ups etc) to good use, and expand on it: I now understand how everything is connected and how I would go about to solve new problems. The course made me familiar with Playmaker and gave good insights on level design and game design in general. Christopher's videos were always spot on and I was able to follow them easily. This course is well worth the money, you get a lot of feedback from others and learn through their experiences as well. And by answering each others' questions, the students reinforce their knowledge. I am very happy I attended FPS101. Getting into game development all on your own seems like a huge mountain in front of you. With Guido, Christopher and the other students, you climb it step by step, give support to each other and have two solid guides.


This is a nice course. It goes through a complete project (a single Game Level) on the level of white boxing (conceptual modelling) and main game mechanics. The course starts with developing the Game Brief and then goes through a basic modelling phase, to get a rough geometry that is sufficient for testing. It is illustrated with Maya, but you can use other software, as the focus is more on the geometry than on the software. It is best that you have some basic understanding of Unity and know one polygonal modelling software (Maya, Blender, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, SketchUp...) sufficiently well to make your own geometry. Main main interest, using Playmaker as the main scripting system, took a while to arrive (at Section 5 only), but it goes into sufficient detail to get you up and running: reacting on clicks, setting up a (basic) character controller, pointing to some usable assets, taking control of game logic, by setting up a mission system, triggers, scripted animations (iTween), a health system and even some shooting turrets and finally your own shooting. This is not a shooter-mission per se (which I find an advantage), as it it focuses on accomplishing tasks, rather than shooting your way through. There is some basic AI, with turrets aiming at you or a simple robot following your footsteps. While I was experienced with Unity as a teacher (wrote book & video course for architects myself and read several books), this course makes it well structured. And the main course tutor is engaging, with the perfect mix of seriousness and fun, to continue through the lectures. Audio and video quality are good.